Developing an equity audit tool to understand the representativeness of participants in clinical trials


The promise and potential of digital technologies to visualise inequities has not been realised/exploited in clinical trial data. For example, because clinical trial participant data are not routinely analysed against population/disease data, we do not understand representativeness of participant samples and this has important ramifications for the meaning of trial findings and their subsequent uptake as newly evidenced technologies for ‘real life‘ clinical populations seen by services.

Impact and Outcomes

  • Delivery of digital ‘in study’ equity/audit tool that analyses and displays the representativeness of mental health clinical samples during study recruitment.
  • Diversion of recruitment resources towards regions with desired sample characteristics to attain representativeness of the final study sample
  • Identification of under-served groups within the CRN portfolio as a whole and within individual studies.

What’s next?

Embedding the equity audit tool into CRN infrastructure so that routine equity audits happen within
study recruitment windows.

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