Business Development and Sustainability

This core activity is focused on fostering and strengthening relationships with organisations that use data for patient benefit. By facilitating discussions and promoting collaboration between academia, industry and the public, we can work together in a trustworthy way to produce significant research to promote innovative products and services that improve mental health.

How are we doing this?

  1. We work with patients and the public to develop a framework to guide the development of secure and trusted research with external organisations, including commercial companies.
  2. We host industry forums to discuss the requirements and aspirations of key industries, e.g. pharmaceutical companies, and those wishing to train risk prediction and treatment response algorithms. We also use these forums to present the views of people with lived experience of mental illness.
  3. We work with AIMES, Akrivia and Accelerate (who have extensive experience in working with industry) on Information Governance, supporting business in lowering barriers to access health data and making business development support available.

Please see our industry guide for more information:

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