Workforce Capacity Building, Training and Development

This core activity is focused on identifying the training needs for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in the field of mental health and data science and responding to them through a series of training and career development opportunities.

How are we doing this?

  1. By surveying the ECR community who are interested in this field, to identify their training needs, the types and formats of training activities they find most useful and engaging, and to understand what training opportunities in this field already exist.
  2. By bringing together the mental health data science community to share findings and best practices, highlight the best work in the area, and give ECRs the opportunity to present their work to senior experts in the field and engage in conversation with them about their projects and careers
  3. Developing online resources to respond to priority needs identified in the assessment survey and support researchers in the field of mental health data science.
  4. By delivering a Data Science workshop series, listed below – providing hands on training, and networking opportunities for ECRs.
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