Accessing Data

To support access to data, HDRUK have created a gateway to health data and tools with input from patients, the public, researchers and innovators working in health and care in the UK. In the UK, there are thousands of health datasets that are split across many different organisations, making it hard for researchers to figure out what is available. The Gateway helps to solve this problem through one website which lets researchers find and learn information about health datasets. They can then decide whether these datasets would be useful for their research and apply for access to them safely and securely. In this way, the Gateway can help researchers carry out important research to make innovative discoveries and improve people’s lives. Patients and the public can also discover what data is being used for research and the projects and publications that have resulted from this.

How to access data:


The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway (the ‘Gateway’) search engine or ‘portal’ provides a common entry point for researchers and innovators to discover and request access to health datasets, tools and resources for vital research, helping to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. 


Browse DATAMIND datasets and metadata to find data that fits your research question. You can browse by theme to help you find resources for your research in a given area. You can also browse by collection using resources (tools, datasets and data uses) that are grouped around a particular topic. 


Once you find a dataset that suits your research needs you can click the ‘How to request access’ button on the dataset listing (you will need to be logged into your Gateway account). Depending on the data custodian responsible for the dataset, users will either be able to send a data request enquiry, or send a data request enquiry then complete the Five Safes DAR form which allows the whole DAR process to be managed through the Gateway.

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