The Catalogue of Mental Health Measures

The Catalogue of Mental Health Measures is an online, publicly available, and searchable platform of existing measures of mental health and wellbeing in UK cohort and longitudinal studies. It supports DATAMIND by promoting the discoverability of their datasets that are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, & Reusable (FAIR).

To facilitate the use of their data and promote mental health research, the Catalogue features information about these UK studies, their measures of mental health and wellbeing, and other related measures (e.g., Covid-19 data, administrative data). By providing these details, the Catalogue serves as a resource for researchers who may be:

  • Searching for datasets that include mental health and wellbeing measures,
  • Planning harmonisation studies, and/or
  • Planning further data collection.

The resource is also intended for users who may be less familiar with mental health or from other disciplines, such as demographers, economists, urbanist, and linguists. To support all users, the Catalogue also provides information about data access as well as additional training and support for conducting longitudinal mental health research.

With support from DATAMIND, the Catalogue team is working on a project funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Landscaping International Longitudinal Datasets project. The aim of this project is to landscape the world in search for longitudinal datasets with potential for transformative mental health research. Through the project, the team has been increasing the discoverability of these international longitudinal datasets worldwide.

To find out more about the catalogue of mental health measures

To find out more about the landscaping international longitudinal datasets project

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