Innovation Gateway

The Health Data Research (HDR) UK Innovation Gateway serves as the nation's primary repository for Health Data Science, consolidating a diverse range of health data types from across the UK into a single, accessible platform.

Central Hub for Health Data

The Innovation Gateway provides researchers and innovators with a common entry point to search, discover, and request access to hundreds of datasets, tools, and resources for their research needs. Join the thousands of researchers and scientists worldwide who are already using the Gateway for research and scientific discovery. Offering detailed information about each dataset, it enables informed decisions regarding their relevance to research projects. 

Accessing Health Data

While the Innovation Gateway doesn’t directly grant access to data, it serves as a portal for discovering health datasets in the UK. Researchers can explore datasets, assess their suitability, and securely apply for access. 

Supporting Research and Discovery 

Collaborating with patients, the public, and healthcare professionals, HDR UK developed the Gateway to address the challenge of fragmented health datasets across organisations. By centralising information on one website, the Gateway simplifies the process for researchers, fostering innovative research and discoveries. 

Integration with the Catalogue of Mental Health Measures 

The Innovation Gateway integrates with the Catalogue, an interactive repository featuring mental health and wellbeing measures from British cohort and longitudinal studies. While the Catalogue provides detailed insights at the item level, the Gateway offers broader information about datasets and resources. 

DATAMIND Datasets on the Gateway 

DATAMIND, operating within the Innovation Gateway, contributes its own set of mental health datasets to the platform. These datasets, enrich the breadth of available resources for researchers and innovators. 

Part of the HDR UK Ecosystem 

Operating in conjunction with DATAMIND, the Innovation Gateway forms an integral part of the HDR UK ecosystem. Together, they advance mental health research by enhancing the discoverability and accessibility of mental health datasets. 


Head to the innovation Gateway to find out more! 

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