DATAMIND & MQ’s Data Science Meeting

26th April, 2023

Discover the discussions and insights from our collaborative Data Science Meeting with MQ. Delve into the videos to gain a valuable understanding of the presentations and initiatives shared during the meeting.

🔍 Nesting a Data Science and Digital Therapies Lab within NHS CAMHS
🎤 Johnny Downs

💡 Opportunities for Engagement? Digital Mental Health
🎤 Pauline Whelan (chaired by Dermot O’Reilly)

📊 Open Data in a Pandemic
🎤 Pouria Hadjibagheri

🗣 Panel Discussion with the DATAMIND Super Research Advisory Group

🎓 Early Career Researchers Presentation

🌍 Mental Health in Europe in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Systematic Review
🎤 Dr. Nafiso Ahmed, Prof Sonia Johnson

📈 Supporting Mental Health Research Through the Power of Large-Scale Data and Advanced Analytics
🎤 Cathie Sudlow

🏥 The Physical Health of People With Severe Mental Illness
🎤 David Osborn

🔍 Implications of COVID-19 for Mental Health
🎤 Jonathan Sterne

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