DATAMIND & MQ’s Data Science Meeting

19th October, 2023

Discover the discussions and insights from our collaborative Data Science Meeting with MQ. Delve into the videos to gain a valuable understanding of the presentations and initiatives shared during the meeting.

🔍 Personalised Longitudinal Natural Language Processing and the AI Mental Health Landscape: Dr. Maria Liakata discusses Personalised Longitudinal Natural Language Processing and the AI #MentalHealth landscape, chaired by Professor Rob Stewart (King’s College London).

📱 Co-producing the Social Media, Smartphone Use, and Self-harm in Young People (3S-YP) Study: Join Rina Dutta & Hannah Russell as they explore the co-production of the 3S-YP study.

🤝 Panel Discussion: Mental Health Mission; Landscape and Set up for Using Digital and Data Technologies: Engage with Ann John, Rob Stewart, Richard Dobson, and John Ainsworth in a panel discussion on the Mental Health Mission and leveraging digital and data technologies.

🎨 ECR Poster Session: Explore innovative projects showcased by Early Career Researchers.

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