New Data Literacy Short Course: Empowering Everyone to Understand Healthcare Data

McPin and DATAMIND, in collaboration with the DATAMIND Super Research Advisory Group, are excited to announce the launch of their new “Data Literacy Short Course.” This course is designed to help people understand how the NHS uses and keeps healthcare data safe.

What Is the Data Literacy Short Course?

The Data Literacy Short Course is like a quick guide to understanding healthcare data. It explains what healthcare data is, how it is used by doctors and researchers, and what rights you have as a patient and citizen. It is for anyone who is curious about healthcare data, especially if you have used NHS services.

Why Is This Important?

“Knowledge of research processes and how data is collected, used, and protected is the foundation for public understanding and essential to build trust in data use,” says Jan Speechley, Member of the DATAMIND Super Research Advisory Group.

Knowing about healthcare data is like knowing how your health information is kept safe and used to help people. It is being in the know about your health records and making sure your privacy is protected.

What Will You Learn?

In just 51 minutes, you will learn:

  • What healthcare data is
  • How doctors use it
  • How researchers use it
  • Your rights about your data
  • The good things and not-so-good things about data

How Can You Start Learning?

Starting is easy! Just visit and press play on the video. You can pause, rewind, and watch it anytime you like. It fits your schedule!

Who Is It For?

If you have ever used NHS services, this course is for you. If you have used NHS mental health services, there are even examples related to that.

Take the Quiz and Share Your Thoughts

After finishing the course, take a quiz to test what you have learned. Your feedback is super important! It helps make the course even better for others.

Join Us in Spreading the Word!

We want everyone to know about this course. Please share this news with your friends, family, and community. Together, we can empower more people with data literacy!

DATAMIND, The Hub for Mental Health Informatics Research Development, is funded by The Medical Research Council and is delivered in partnership with Health Data Research UK.

To learn more about the DATAMIND and the Super Research Advisory Group, visit:

To find out more about McPin, visit:

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