Public Participation, Partnerships, and Governance

Patient and public involvement and engagement (PPI/E) is a core part of the DATAMIND project. Public support is vital for mental health data science, and research in general. We work with individuals who have personal experience with mental health difficulties to ensure that our work is in line with how the general public and patients want their data used for clinical and research purposes (and how they do not). This makes sure that the Hub is driven by community needs and that the views of those who are most impacted by mental health illnesses are heard.

Why is patient and public involvement and engagement (PPI/E) important?

Representatives of PPI/E groups can offer an understanding of what it is like to have a specific illness from their unique experiences of treatments and health service delivery. These insightshelp to make decisions and research in the field of mental health more relevant to the needs of patients, carers, and service users.

Patient/public input into how mental health data is collected, shared, and used can enhance procedures and improve research methods and accessibility. It can also improve the quality of the data by bringing new viewpoints and experiences into the process. Providing this input empowers the people involved and provides a route for them to influence change and improvements to research that affects them.

How do we engage and involve patients and the public?

We have set up a Super Research Advisory Group (SRAG), which is made up of people from various backgrounds, including service users and carers from throughout the UK, who have an interest in data. Many have links to other similar Research Advisory Groups in their local area, and to local communities interested in mental health problems.

The SRAG play a vital role in DATAMIND and contribute to all aspects of the project. Among their activities are:


The SRAG works with the team to create their own outputs, reports, and results. They also support the public’s access to information about DATAMIND, collaborating with other essential operations to create a framework and rules for the general good.


The SRAG interact with the rest of DATAMIND to ensure the obtained data and resources offered are responsive to patient/public needs, improving the Hub. They engage with other PPI networks, research groups, and communities across the country to collate and share views.

Participation and Involvement

There is SRAG representation and participation at meetings, events, and workshops. SRAG members can share their experience and bring up issues and awareness as needed. Other Core Activities and projects within DATAMIND regularly seek input from the SRAG.

Leadership and governance

DATAMIND draws on the knowledge of the SRAG to ensure that people with personal experience of mental ill-health have a voice in decisions around the handling of potentially sensitive data. Patient/public members contribute to all of DATAMIND’s leadership and management groups, including its Strategic Advisory Board. The objectives and presumptions of DATAMIND may be contested by the SRAG group. They can also affect the DATAMIND outcomes that are monitored as well as how they are evaluated, which helps to increase the usefulness and relevance of the results for the intended audience.

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