Super Research Advisory Group Timeline

11 September 2023

Stay Tuned!

15 August 2023

SRAG members assist in creating a user-friendly mental health DATAMIND glossary

1 August 2023

SRAG Member Creates a Diagram on Meaningful Involvement of Patients, Carers, and the Public in Research

29 July 2023

SRAG help Simplify Genetic Tables for Patients and the Public

15 July 2023

SRAG help Shape Industry Guidelines: A Data Sharing Scoping Review

1 July 2023

SRAG’s Questions Drive October Training on Data Sharing

1 June 2023

SRAG’s Input Shapes Data Literacy Course

1 May 2023

SRAG Joins 2nd Discoverable Schools Meeting

28 April 2023

SRAG’s Impact on Longitudinal Data Workshops

15 April 2023

SRAG Members Share PPIE Insights at Data Science Conference

1 April 2023

Monthly Leadership and Management Meetings involving the SRAG

15 March 2023

SRAG members collaborate with the team linking physical and mental health data in severe mental illness (SMI)

1 February 2023

Work starts on the SRAG pages for the DATAMIND website, showcasing contributions made by the group

15 January 2023

Industry forum

1 January 2023

SRAG members are selected by DATAMIND Partner Organisation to collaborate with them on PPI activities.

1 December 2022

Industry Standards Work Documents

15 November 2022

First website discussion

1 November 2022

SRAG members advise on the Data Literacy Course for the public

1 November 2022

SRAG members work with Discoverable Schools team

1 October 2022

SRAG members present at events and webinars hosted by partner organisations. Presenting PPIE viewpoints and promoting DATAMIND and the RAG’s work

1 August 2022

SRAG members join and participate in Leadership and Management Meetings

1 May 2022

Industry Standards Work Discussion

15 March 2022

SRAG induction

1 January 2022

Creation Of Research Advisory Group

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