Where you are from?


What are your reasons for joining DATAMIND RAG?

It provided an opportunity to contribute to two areas that are important to me – mental health research and the use of healthcare data. I feel it is important to balance progress in mental health research with the necessity to protect patient privacy.

What have you been doing as a member of DATAMIND RAG?

  • Asked questions and raised concerns about sharing mental health data – in meetings and in writing. 
  • Organised views, concerns and questions expressed by RAG members (meeting transcripts, written comments) into a single A3 page summary – identifying terms that need to be defined and areas of further work. 
  • Identified knowledge gaps and information we need to form informed views on the sharing of mental health data e.g., journey of data from patient’s record to researcher, Trusted Research Environments (TREs), Federated Analysis, anonymisation/pseudonymisation of data, data linkages. 
  • Contributed to ideas for content and features for PPI pages of Datamind website. 
  • Contributed to discussions on data literacy course.
  • Contributed to agenda for Industry forum.  Attended Industry forum, contributing to discussions.
  • Contributed to planning and design for Industry workshop.
  • Identified potential areas of further work or research. 

Name your hobbies or a fun fact about yourself.

2 quotes that are currently relevant for me:

All of us labor in webs spun long before we were born (W Faulkner)

What would happen if we stretched our imaginations beyond all limits we know to understand others? (Me). 

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