Where you are from?

Queensbury West Yorkshire

What are your reasons for joining DATAMIND RAG?

Lived Experience of mental health myself and within my family. 

An interest in the use of mental health data to improve healthcare lives. 

Working as a team to make a difference and change mental health research. 

Influence the patient and public involvement in research.

What have you been doing as a member of DATAMIND RAG?

Attending the Leadership and Management meetings on a rota with colleagues. Helping develop documents for the group. Developing ideas for the website. Attending meetings with Industry and other members of DATAMIND to develop guidelines for data sharing. Given talks and attended mental health webinars. Taken part in a mental health campaign. Started to develop ideas for writing papers about our experiences. Worked with others to look at developing a Data Literacy Course for the public. Taken part in assessing and interviewing researchers applying for funding to undertake further mental health research.  

Learnt so much about health research and the patient and public perspectives, contributions and ideas. 

Met so many different people from all areas of the health research spectrum.

Name your hobbies or a fun fact about yourself.

Being with my family. Travelling and holidays, walking and cycling. 

Fun fact – I ride a tandem with my husband!!

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