Where you are from?

Edinburgh Scotland

What are your reasons for joining DATAMIND RAG?

I became a part of the DATAMIND RAG for several reasons, including my personal struggles with anxiety, insomnia, and neurodiversity. Additionally, the detrimental effects of mental health issues on those around me, particularly young people, and the devastating consequences of suicide, motivated me to join the cause. 

With a background in both counselling in the NHS and my extensive experience in technology, I am a firm believer in the transformative power of technology and artificial intelligence in the field of mental health. To harness its full potential, it is crucial that we responsibly collect and manage mental health data to build effective and accessible digital mental health services. 

For me, DATAMIND plays a crucial role in this and I am proud to be a part of the DATAMIND RAG.

What have you been doing as a member of DATAMIND RAG?

As a member of the DATAMIND RAG I bring my experience of mental health issues to the development of the project. I have also spoken at conferences, as a lived experience expert on suicide and digital mental health. Currently, I am focused on helping to create longitudinal data sets that collect individual’s mental health over an extended period and inform the development of better mental health interventions.

Name your hobbies or a fun fact about yourself.

I love music. I love to dance, I dance swing and blues. I started teaching dance last year and I DJ at swing dance events.

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