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What are your reasons for joining DATAMIND RAG?

I wanted to join the RAG to try to use my lived experience of mental health problems to positively contribute to improving research and mental health services.

I have enjoyed taking part in research studies and trials so thought it would be interesting to see it from the other side!

The pandemic highlighted just how important good data are – and I feel that building on the use of mental health data could make services work better for patients and staff. Of course, the topic of health data is very sensitive so it’s important that there are people with lived experience involved in ensuring the correct use of data.

Overall, I wanted to use my experiences and my interest in data and research to contribute to DATAMIND – I’m biased but I think it will help deliver great outcomes!

What have you been doing as a member of DATAMIND RAG?

I have really enjoyed being part of the RAG so far. I’ve learned a lot and had the chance to hear different perspectives on things. We have had discussions with academics and people from industry. It’s been interesting to learn about the huge variety of research that is being carried out as well as initiatives to improve mental wellbeing and make services better.

We have also had lots of discussions about the safe use of data to help protect people.

I have also had the opportunity to give a lived experience perspective on research grant applications.

I am looking forward to us building on this work.

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