Please test your knowledge with this short quiz. You have 30 minutes to complete the quiz.

1. Who is a 'data subject' in terms of the General Data Protection Regulation?

2. Which of the following are classed as 'special category data' in the General Data Protection Regulation​?

3. As a member of the public who uses NHS services, which of the following rights do you have?

4. As a member of the public, are your GDPR rights ‘absolute’?

5. The principles for safeguarding NHS data are called...

6. Do researchers need your consent before they use your anonymous NHS patient data?

7. When analysing health data for research purposes, researchers will be able to see the following without your consent:​

8. Which of the following means that individual patients might be identified from health data?​

9. Patient expertise is useful in which of the following phases in a data science project:

10. What are the benefits of using patient health data in research?​

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